Give your child a smarter beginning.   

With Totspark, it's easy.

A smarter beginning 

without pressure, with lots of playful learning and fun, 

and with more shared communication and joy for your child and you. 

Real Learning

 Real learning for young children happens best in adult-child, face-to-face interactions. This is TotSpark. 

Our carefully developed method and play learning tools help you give your child a solid foundation for your child’s education and future success. Besides teaching skills necessary for kindergarten, TotSpark strengthens parent-child bonding, and is ideally adaptable to different learning styles and individual needs 

A Powerful Method

The TotSpark method is guided and play based with exploration and discovery. Guided play with the adult giving support and the child directing the play has been shown to lead to the best learning outcomes in science, math, verbal skills, and social skills.  

Both you and your child will love using TotSpark. 

Mind Growing Tools

Susanna Banana jpg.jpg

Building on children's curiosity and innate motivation,TotSpark's play learning tools stimulate exploration and discovery, and inspire children's 

imagination and creativity.


They are hands-on and open-ended

to help your child build independent

thinking skills and become an active learner, self-confident and better able to find creative and innovative solutions.

We offer a unique early learning method and original playful learning tools for children from 10 months to 6 years.

The TotSpark Method and tools encourage children's healthy cognitive and emotional development and positive self-confidence. 

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