Help your child grow smarter. With TotSpark, it's easy, fun and happy.

Make children smarter?  Really?     

Yes, without pressure, with lots of playful learning and fun, and with more shared communication and joy for you and for your child. 

Real Learning

 Real learning happens best in person to person interactions. This is TotSpark. 

Our carefully developed method and tools help you build a solid foundation for your child's education and future success.


A Powerful Method

The TotSpark Method makes children smarter through playful

learning and give and take interactions with a parent (or other caregiver). 

Both you and your child will love using TotSpark. 

Mind Growing Tools

With TotSpark's tools, your child builds more focused thinking skills and becomes a more active learner, better able to find creative and

innovative solutions.


TotSpark is ideally adaptable to different learning styles and individual needs.

We offer a unique early learning method and original playful learning tools for children 10 months to 6 years.  

The TotSpark Method and tools encourage children's healthy development and positive self-confidence.  

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