I'm a TotSpark Mom.

     I love to see my child's skills

     grow.Totspark is helping me

     teach him new words, concepts,

     numbers, colors and nature.       

Enjoy watching your child’s skills grow as you talk and play with him, teach him about nature, new words, concepts, numbers, and colors.

Playful learning enriches your child.  


The TotSpark Friends

These are the TotSpark friends. Each animal plays center stage in our playful learning tools.

Edie and Maude on the beautiful African savanna

Benny and Coco, two hungry bears who wake up in a cave

Worm in search of a home in an apple 

Liam the lion and his two cubs, Lily and Ted

Oriella the owl and her two little owlets, Isabel and Pete

Fiona the fox and Alfie the rabbit in the forest

Our Learning Tools

. Let's See! Turn & Learn Picture Boards 

. Did You Know? Discovery Cards

. What Do You Think? Storybook & More


. Magic Carpet Build-a-Scene

. Puzzleez

. 3-D Definitely!

. Puppetini


 Early Learning 4-Part Set      Includes:

Let's See! Turn & Learn Picture Boards

Did You Know? Discovery Cards

What Do You Think? Storybook & More

2 Puppetini

Let's See! Turn & Learn Picture Boards

Let's See! Turn and Learn integrates the reading experience with hands on physical play and with open ended dialogue between you and your child, all the while sharpening your child's powers of observation.

You'll enjoy watching how engaged your child becomes.


Did You Know? Discovery Cards

Did You Know? Discovery Cards show original illustrations with short, entertaining explanations about 

them, some in rhymed verse. These pictures and explanations give information about the animals and other subjects and skills related to Let’s See! Turn & Learn," and "What Do You Think? Storybook &More" 


What Do You Think? Storybook & More 

What Do You Think? offers delight and enjoyment in an illustrated storybook. Its rhyming text, original illustrations, and interesting story encourage creative, independent thinking, problem solving, and interactive dialogue between you and your child for deeper learning and more fun.

For additional fun, we've added the “Have Fun” section of the book that contains stimulating activities and play.

Too busy and tired to enjoy reading with your child? Here's how to make it easy fun.


Our Puppetini hand puppets don’t look like any others. They embody the TotSpark friends in our Early Learning Sets and they’re so striking that children (and adults) find them irresistible.

They're wonderful communication play tools that encourage children to be inventive while strengthening oral language and vocabulary, and the ability to express and share emotions. Besides providing a playful learning experience, they also bring to life children’s hopes, concerns, feelings, and joys.

The Wonders of Puppet Play 


Early Learning 7- Part Set 

Early Learning 4-Part Set

plus   Magic Carpet Build-a-Scene 

          3D Definitely!  


Magic Carpet Build-a-Scene

Your child is both stage designer and storyteller with TotSpark's Magic Carpet Build-a-Scene which stimulates children's creativity, imagination and storytelling skills.

3D Definitely!

3D Definitely is a magical theater where children develop a better understanding of position and space, and enhance their spatial reasoning skills while using their creativity and imagination to build different 3 dimensional scenes.


Now children can enjoy the wonder of 3D without electronic devices.

Increase Your Child's Spatial Reasoning Skills.


Not just puzzles, Puzzleez are different. Because they're open-ended,

they're more and they're better.


Puzzleez allow multiple solutions and more creative possibilities. Children play with a Puzzleez over and over again because they can discover a different solution each time.

The Power of Puzzles for Children