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I'm a TotSpark Mom.

     I love to see my child's skills

     grow.Totspark is helping me

     teach him new words, concepts,

     numbers, colors and nature.       

Enjoy watching your child’s skills grow as you talk and play with him, teach him about nature, new words, concepts, numbers, and colors.

Guided playful learning is full enrichment.  


The TotSpark Friends

These are the TotSpark friends. Each animal plays center stage in our playful learning tools.

Edie and Maude on the beautiful African savanna

Benny and Coco, two hungry bears who wake up in a cave

Worm in search of a home in an apple 

Liam the lion and his two cubs, Lily and Ted

Oriella the owl and her two little owlets, Isabel and Pete

Fiona the fox and Alfie the rabbit in the forest

Our Play Learning Tools

. Let's See! Turn & Learn Picture Boards 

. Did You Know? Discovery Cards

. What Do You Think? Storybook & More


. Magic Carpet Build-a-Scene

. Puzzleez

. 3-D Definitely!

. Puppetini

rabbit jpg.jpg
lion pdf-page-0.jpg

Some of our play learning tools

Early Learning 3-part set



What Do You Think?.


.3-D Definitely!  

story bk
Early learning 7-part Set
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