We give parents' and caregivers' Guided Play Based Learning tools that allow them to explore and discover while having fun.


How TotSpark Works

Innate Curiosity

Young children are naturally curious about everything around them. TotSpark utilizes this innate curiosity to inspire children to learn more.  Each of our early learning sets has two or more main characters that are introduced as movable toys for children to play with. By means of hands-on, child-led play, children form an attachment to the animals. This attachment motivates them to want to learn more about them and things associated with them. 

 Play Learning Tools

Our play learning tools then build upon children’s curiosity and interest in the animals and, step by step, expands their knowledge from the simple to the more complex, from observation and the “reading” of pictures to the introduction of new concepts and words and then to a story that brings it all together.


This scaffolding of knowledge together with child-directed exploration and discovery, enhances learning and understanding.

A Partnership

Throughout this process, you, the parent, play a supportive role in your child’s learning. You allow your child to direct the learning while you serve as a guide. This leads to a learning partnership where creativity, discovery, and learning through play and conversation are enhanced.  This is a rewarding experience for you and your child. 

What Children Learn 

In this partnership, children are guided in expanding their cognitive and verbal skills and are encouraged to follow their curiosity, use their imaginations, explore possibilities, ask questions, offer opinions, create their own stories, express themselves and their ideas, solve problems creatively and think independently.

Keep the Bond with Your Child Strong

"Children's creativity and play is enhanced by parents who engage with their children."

American Academy of Pediatrics


The TotSpark Method

Our hands-on, playful learning experience for young children 10 months to 6 years is based on a specific set of beliefs about:

How Children Learn

Children should be encouraged to think creatively and independently, to ask lots of questions and to express themselves with confidence.

Helping children gain the self-confidence 

to think independently is essential to their ability to be creative and innovative.

The deepest learning builds on and connects with what children have already learned.

Electronic devices are not the best way to teach young children.

Young children learn best with a supportive, adult partner one-on-one.

The best learning provides fun and gives children pleasure so that they want to continue learning.


The tools used in learning should be developmentally appropriate, interesting and appealing to children and should utilize their curiosity for exploration and discovery

The focus should not be on “right answers,” but instead, on creative, independent, innovative thinking.


Learning Tools



Intellectual Synergy

3-D Definitely!

    Let's See! Turn & Learn Picture Boards

Each tool can be used independently of the others, but each tool, when used, will enhance the value of each of the others.This makes each tool more learning effective.

What Do You Think?

Storybook & More ​

  Did You Know? 

Discovery Cards

Magic Carpet Build-A-Scene

Connections are made when parents judiciously introduce related vocabulary and supporting facts.. Connections are made in integrating what is being learned. Connections are made as the child develops concepts, and ponders and explores all possibilities.

Our play learning tools are open ended. What this means is that they continue to offer more challenging possibilities and new opportunities to learn. This enables your child to use their newly gained insights in creative problem solving. 

Innovative Thinkers

Make Connections

Here children are allowed and encouraged to think creatively, to question, to seek solutions and to be innovate and to be independent. 


Features of the TotSpark Method 

Our playful learning tools can be used in partnership with an adult or independently.

The TotSpark Method and tools cultivate a sense of satisfaction and self-esteem built on feelings of independence, parental support and caring guidance.

Our methods and tools are effective when used with a single child or with a small group of children.

The preparation work has been done by Totspark to fully enable the adult to engage the child in the fun of playful learning.

We help build a solid educational foundation with a skill set that includes language literacy, numbers, shapes, spatial relationships, innovative thinking, and problem solving.


The Results

TotSpark Ready children:

Have a strong vocabulary and a good knowledge and concept base.

Love books and learning, and find them interesting and exciting. 


Try to connect, integrate and apply what they’ve learned.

Question and challenge facts they’re given to try to understand them more deeply.

Gain self-confidence and independence of thought because they know they're entitled to think for themselves.

Have every reason to look forward to a successful future, defining success for themselves.

Use their imagination to think creatively, looking for solutions that aren't obvious.