Your school is good. TotSpark will make it better.

The best schools are dedicated to the  ongoing improvement of the school. 


All early childhood schools have to be good at addressing the needs of their core constituencies: the children, the parents, and the teachers. 

TotSpark can help.

The Children 

One teacher told us that after using TotSpark’s products with the children in her class, she was on a positive high because of the enthusiasm and delight that the children had shown. She was sure they would be telling their parents about their fun experiences and what they had learned.  

As we know, children love school when it’s a fun and laughter filled place, where the learning is interesting and engaging, where they’re encouraged to be creative and to express themselves and their ideas – in other words, a place where they find validation and where they can be happy. 

The most important group is the children.

TotSpark’s high quality playful learning tools help make early childhood schools effective, joyful, and happy places that children love. 

Want to be a “most” effective teacher?

Build good relationships with the children.

The Parents


As educators, you know that parents want to see their children come home from school happy.

Parents also want to feel that your school is preparing their children for kindergarten by giving them a solid foundation for learning and future success, learning tools and an excitement and interest in learning. TotSpark supports your efforts in these areas.

Most parents want their children in schools offering the best of what's available. That's where TotSpark comes in.


You can easily use TotSpark's learning tools  alongside other materials you’re using.


The Teachers 

The most important factor in a child's preschool experience is the teacher. TotSpark not only helps keep good teachers happy, we help you keep good teachers.

One of the biggest challenges for early childhood schools is to minimize staff turnover and keep teachers enthusiastic about their jobs. Losing a good teacher upsets the children, the parents, and the school. TotSpark can help schools reduce teacher turnover and keep their best teachers.

How does TotSpark make the teacher's job more rewarding?

For one, we lighten the task of preparation by giving your teachers strong instructional support. We include step-by-step cues and suggested approaches that make it easy for the teacher to build children's knowledge and vocabulary, to engage them in meaningful conversations, to use open-ended questioning, and to encourage problem solving, and to provide play-based fun learning.

Our playful learning tools are easy for the teacher to use and to expand and build upon. They complement other materials the school might use and they also lend themselves to various learning styles, disabilities and languages. They can be used effectively with individual children one-on-one, in small groups, or independently by the children. 

Most important is the teacher's feedback from the children, from experiencing their enthusiasm, engagement and their fun while using TotSpark. Teachers have reported that after using TotSpark and seeing the children’s enjoyment and learning, they felt a renewed effectiveness and sense of achievement as a teacher. 

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